Clodagh Dowley

Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Supervisor. Waterford City.

B.A., UCC;
Graduate Diploma in Counselling, University of Limerick;
Diploma in Counselling, Cork Counselling and Training Institute;
Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision, PCI College

Professional Memberships; M.I.A.C.P, R.C.N.I

What is Counselling?

Going for counselling does not mean that you are ‘crazy’ or ‘mad’. Life can be a struggle at times and it can seem as if our usual supports and ways of coping no longer work. Feelings such as sadness, loneliness, anger, confusion, fear, panic or despair may become all too familiar, yet it may be too difficult, fearful or embarrassing to open up to family or friends.

Counselling offers you the space and time to ‘open up’ at your own pace in order to better understand yourself and your problem. A professional and experienced counsellor is skilled in how to listen deeply, attentively and non-judgementally; can help you reach clarity, insight and awareness about your situations and help you recognise where change may be needed in order to regain a sense of balance and purpose in your life.